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As a lore player, I love the world of Aion and the its complex story. However, I feel like so much more can be done for the world of Asmodae. I've heard from so many players that Asmodae was a rushed idea and how originally the game was intended to be a Elyos only game. That's a shame. Although for rushed work NCSoft has done an awesome job, there needs to be a good amount of edition to more ideas. I have ideas such as the addition of more creative quests, area concepts, among other things. This Wikia is my creative spin to the Asmodian faction and what I would like to see from it. Of course I encourage more Asmodian players to come forward and also display their interesting ideas. Currently the page is new and has yet to include any major pages yet.

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  • Fade To Black



Spy Quests

Character Development and Uncovering Secrets

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